It’s About Connecting

Welcome to the Delaware Valley Co-Living Cooperative Online Community.

While online communities aren’t nearly as satisfying to most of us as real life opportunities to interact with others and share our lives, they can be an opportunity to make new contacts and stay in touch with people we know who we don’t get a chance to see as often as we might like.

Our online community can be a very useful way to begin cultivating the relationships that can lead to more real life interactions and ultimately the opportunity to find a socially fulfilling way of life in a cohousing community, an ecovillage, through house sharing or through other forms of cooperative living. But you have to start somewhere.

There are those who may already have begun the journey toward community — while others may have no idea of how to start and lack any contacts with whom they can begin that journey. In either case, the process can be slow and the path not always clear. As with any undertaking, the journey can be easier taking it with others rather than going it alone.

Community is about people — that’s pretty obvious. So where are the people — where areĀ your people? They could be here, but you might not ever really know unless you take the first step. It won’t cost you anything except maybe your time. We’re not charging for this service. Unlike some other forms of social media there are no ads or algorithms. It’s totally free – it’s our gift to the region, with the profound hope that it will be utilized and that it will be of benefit to you and others like you.

So sign up, try it out and spread the word.

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